What you Need to Know About Food Packaging Machines

Food packaging machines are designed to package food for storage, distribution, sale and use. These machines vary from small units designed for home use such as a home vacuum sealer to large industrialized machines. The latter is often custom designed according to the client requirement.

There are usually two stages to the packaging of food. The primary stage refers to the can, carton, bottle or box in which the food product is physically packaged for use by consumers.
The second stage refers to the packaging of food for transportation to the consumer. Each of the two stages utilizes different Food Packaging machines.

Erecting machines
The material used for the packaging of food comes from the factory in bulk and need to be erected and prepared before use. Erecting machines form the package from a prefabricated material before being transported to the filling station.

Food Processing Machines
Meat and Dairy products need to be processed for human and animal consumption before it can be packaged. Chopping, Slicing and pasteurization machines all have integrated packaging systems.

Filler and Handling Machines
Filler machines measure a predetermined amount of a product from a bulk supply and transfer the product to the preformed packaging. The filling method depends on the product being packaged. Handling systems are usually integrated to facilitate the packaging process.

Closing and sealing machines
Once the product has been transferred to the package, the package needs to be sealed and prepared for storage or transportation. The sealing method depends on the product and may integrate various checking and quality control equipment.

Packing Machines
Packing machines like stacking, palleting and loading machines are food packaging machines that prepare the product for transportation to the market. Packing machines are used in the second stage of the Food packaging process and are designed to speed up the process of handling the finished product for bulk transport.